5000 x White Kimble Barbs tag Gun attachements Price Label pins Clothes tag Fastener Tagging Gun

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Easy to use. 5000 tag gun pins can easily help you to tag many goods.

These're universal tag attachments, fit for any standard tagging guns. You don't need to worry it won't suit your tag gun.

Made of plastic, which is durable and stable. Ideal tag pins to tag your goods with price, material, valid period etc.

Using kimble barbs is a very economical and fast way to tag clothing, footwear, hats, scarves, gloves, luggage, umbrellas, toys, carpets, curtains, sofas etc.

They're widely used in shops, retail outlets, market traders, charity shops, car boot sales, warehouses, and Ebayers.

Package includes:
5000 x kimble barbs