10 x Ceramic GU10 lamp Holder with Lead for GU10 Halogen Bulb LED Bulb CFL lamp, GU10 Bulb Holder

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  • Material of this GU10 lamp bulb holder base: high temperature resistant ceramic (300 ℃ / 572℉ ), high conductivity copper contact piece.
  • 10 cm ( 4 inch ) length precut wires are wrapped by insulated silicone & braided rope. Safety in use.
  • Can plug in GU10 halogen bulb, GU10 LED bulb, GU10 CFL bulb, and ant other GU10 energy saving lamp bulb.
  • CE certification. Package contains: 10 pieces GU10 ceramic lamp holder and leads.
  • The GU10 lamp base has two pre-drilled holes at the back for M3 screws to fit into.