100 x 200mm Wax Candle Wicks with Base/Sustainer, no Smoke, pre-Waxed, Natural Cotton core

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JZK 100 pieces 200 mm wax candle wicks with base, no smoke, pre-waxed,
★ Can be used with soy, gel, or paraffin wax,
★ Wicks is pre-coated with paraffin wax,
Wick length: 200 mm ( 7.87 inch ) . Wick diameter: 2 mm
They can be cut to right size of your candles .
Weight: 0.75 g

★ Comes with pre-attached metal base / sustainer,
Base / sustainer diameter: 12 mm

★ 100% natural cotton, Do not contain lead, zinc or other metals.
No smoke, no odor smell.

★ Designed to improve the burn characteristics of your candles. Perfect for DIY candle making.

NOTICE: Be cautious with dosage of dye and scent while making candles,
excessive dosage might influence burning effectiveness and reduce the candles ability to stay lit.

Package included:
100 x Wax candle wicks