100x Colorful Rabbit Ear Hair Bands Cute Elastic Ponytail Holder Pigtails or Braids Hair Accessories

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Package includes: 100 pcs rabbit colorful ear hair bands.

Material: Elastic fabric. Color: Random. Item Weight: 65g Size: 27 x 2.5 x 20 cm

It contains a wide variety of colors and lively styles, beautiful and bright colors, giving a simple special feeling which can be easily combined with each dress, you are able to match different dressing styles every day, having colorful days and mood.

It is a best choice for those people who are used to losing hair bands,100 pcs will be an ideal amount. It can last for a long time, will not break or stretch easily, good quality.

Suitable for little girls, lovely women, pets, babies to arrange a variety of hairstyles or to photograph. Cute rabbit ear design makes babies, girls and pets looking more attractive.

Made from soft cloth material, these small hair bands are soft to touch and comfortable to wear, will not hang or pull hair.