24V / 12V To 5V 5A Power Buck Module DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Converter with LED

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With synchronous rectification scheme, wide range voltage, large current.
With fast charge recognition chip, high efficiency.
With USB port, DC plug and connecting terminals, easy to use.
Compatible with both Android and IOS systems. So it can charge many . Android and IOS devices, like Iphone, Ipad, Samsung cell phone, HTC cell phone, Huawei cell phone etc.
WIth independent anti-static packag, it's protected well.

Product Parameters:
Operating voltage: DC 9V - 36V
Output voltage: 5.2V

Output capacity:
9 ~ 24V Input: Output 5.2V / 6A / 30W
24 ~ 32V Input: Output 5.2V / 5A / 25W
32 ~ 36V Input: Output 5.2V / 3.5A / 18W

- Dimension: 63×27×10mm (L× W × H)
- Weight: 22g

Package Includes:
1 x DC-DC Buck Converter Board