264 Safety Eyes + 100 Safety noses w/ Box for Toy Making Assorted Sizes for Soft Teddy Bear Doll

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Package contains:
one box of 264 pcs assorted sizes and colours plastic safety eyes
one box of 100 pcs assorted sizes triangle shaped plastic black safety noses.
With thread ends and washer to prevent the eyes/noses out of the toys.


★ The black safety eyes:
20 pieces 6mm eyes,
20 pieces 8mm eyes,
20 pieces 9mm eyes,
20 pieces 10mm eyes,
14 pieces 12mm eyes.

★ The coloured googly eyes:
20 pcs 10mm blue eyes
20 pcs 10mm brown eyes
20 pcs 10mm green eyes
20 pcs 10mm golden eyes
20 pcs 10mm transparent eyes
14 pcs 12mm blue eyes
14 pcs 12mm brown eyes
14 pcs 12mm green eyes
14 pcs 12mm golden eyes
14 pcs 12mm transparent eyes

★ The triangle safety noses:
20 pcs 15mm noses
20 pcs 14mm noses
20 pcs 11mm noses
20 pcs 10mm noses
20 pcs 9mm noses

★ How to use:
These eyes work like earrings: Push the eye through fabric/wool and then secure by pushing a washer onto the threaded stem, which holds the eye safely in place.
TIPS: Once the washer is placed, it will very difficult to remove it, so make sure you have put it in the correct position at the beginning.