54 x White Non-Trace hardwall Picture Frame Plastic Hooks Hangers for Hanging Paintings and Picture

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Plastic hooks hangers use of environmentally friendly materials without any odor.

JZK White plastic hook have 6pcs 50mm / 2inch hook, width: 20mm/ 0.8in, load bearing: 12kg. 8pcs 40mm/ 1.6in hook, width: 17mm/ 0.7in, load bearing: 8kg 20pcs 30mm/ 1.2in hook, width: 15mm/ 0.6in, load bearing:5kg. 20pcs 20mm/ 0.8in hook, width: 10mm/ 0.4in, load bearing: 3kg. Weight: 145g

Ideal for hanging lightweight picture frames on solid walls or on wooden furniture, also suitable fo Use a hammer carefully to drive in the hardened pins, but not for use on hollow, tiled or soft wall surfaces.

It suitable for hanging decorative plates, clothes hangers, clothing, wedding photo, handbags, keys, umbrella, small pots, etc.

Plastic hooks hangers for home, office or school hanging picture and oil painting, it will make your room looks beautiful.

Package Includes:
6pcs 50mm / 2in hook
8pcs 40mm/ 1.6in hook
20pcs 30mm/ 1.2in hook
20pcs 20mm/ 1in hook
with a transparent box