8 x white adjustable elastic bed sheet fasteners clips matresses sheet gripper suspender holder

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* The metal clamp is a little hard to open, so you need to open them using a bit of force. This mean the clip grips well enough, they will definitely stay on the sheet firmly.

* Adjustable length bed sheet straps, fits any size of bed mattress as long as the sheet reaches the underside of the mattress.

* Great for bed sheet, mattress cover, couch cover, ironing board cover.

* Sheet holders measure : 19cm / 7.5" before extended, 47 cm/ 18.5" when fully extended. Width : 20 mm.

* There're plastic snap buttons inside the metal clamp so the cloths won't be broken, and this snap fastener design is not only provides a great strong grip but also for easy use, you don't need any tool.

* The durable metal clamp and high quality elastic band that will grip your bed sheet firmly, prevent your sheet from slipping. No longer need to re-fit your fitted bed sheet daily !

* Easy to fit and remove when required for laundry.

Package contains:
8 x bed sheet fasteners