JZK 2 x Metal flea comb grooming comb for short hair dogs cats and long haired cats dogs

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EAN: 6920484246364
  • This is not only a flea comb for dogs but also a cat flea comb. It is suitable for both short haired and long haired dogs/cats. You can also just use it as a normal grooming comb or shedding comb for cats and dogs.
  • Package contains: 2 pieces of different styles flea comb for cats and dogs. Dimensions: the one with handle -- 18cm x 4.5cm, the round one -- 10cm x 7cm.
  • The comb has fine and close teeth, and the gas spaces of the teeth are narrow, which is great for removing fleas from pet's fur.
  • The teeth of the comb are made of durable metal, and, the tips of the teeth are rounded so they don't scratch and damage skin.
  • Useful tips: 1. It will save more time if you firstly brush your pet with normal wider toothed comb to remove knots before using this flea comb. 2. When combing, have a bowl of water next to you so you can drown the fleas when you catch them.