Pet Grooming Kit - Pet Nail Clippers Pet nail file Pet Slicker Brush Metal Pet Comb (Pack of 4)

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1 x Pet Nail Clippers,
1 x Pet nail file,
1 x Pet Slicker Brush,
1 x Metal Pet Comb.

Stainless Steel Nail Clippers - With Protective Guard and Safety Lock Suitable for Cat and Small Breeds Dogs.

Pet Nail File - Grind nails, File Down and Clean up any Sharp Rough Edges.

Pet slicker brush - Remove mats and tangles, loose and dead hair. The slicker brush will also gently stimulate the skin.Air cushion design preventing the pet's skin from scratching.

Metal Pet Comb - Made of Stainless Steel , Easily comb the toughest tangles. Dual purpose comb with wide and narrow teeth suit for both coarse and fine fur / hair.