10 x 10 inch 25 cm tissue pom poms pompoms decorations accessories paper flower balls party supplies

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*** Warning : Once you get the product, you will see there is a white ribbon on each item. Do not throw the white ribbons away, because they are necessary: You have to tie the flower ball in the center with white ribbon ,

* Paper flower balls, tissue pom poms pompoms decorations, party photo backdrop decor, hanging decoration for girls bedroom, party bag fillers.
** Colour : red
Material: high quality durable paper. Not easy to break even in water.
Diameter of pompom : 25 cm = 10 inch

* These paper pom poms suitable for various party: wedding \ birthday \ baby shower \ hen night \ holy communion \ graduation \ baptism \ Christmas \ Halloween \ New year's Eve \ celebration, etc.
* They can also use to decorate garden or children bedroom.
* They are so cute and impressive, very beautiful and elegant, will make your place colorful and delight people's mood.
* They are also reusable for your next party, or give it to the kids as a memory after party.

*** You need to assemble them by yourself, but don't worry they are so easy to assemble, even no need to follow the instructions. But if you have problems, there is instruction sheet on each plastic bag.
* All you need is patience: just keep holding the white ribbon (at the center), at the meantime, gradually open each petals and separate them, and slowly you will see a beautiful and harmonious shape similar to a flower.

*** As you can see, this is also a good gadget for training children's patience and hands-on ability.
* A brilliant gadget for kindergarten teachers to use in teaching activities.

Package include: 10 x tissue paper pom poms

** The actual product color may be a little different from the pictures, due to the different computer monitor or cellphone display setting and camera setting when taking photos.