10 x Finger Massage Ring + 2 x Wrist Massager Rings, Acupressure Massage Rings kit for Teens

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Package contains: 10 x finger massage ring + 2 x wrist massage rings,

The finger ring color has red, blue, green, silver and gold, each color has 2 pieces. Wrist ring color is silver.

Massage ring is made of stainless steel, which has an anodized coating, very safe, sturdy and durable.

Size: finger massage ring outer diameter is 28mm, and inner diameter is 11mm, wrist massage ring outer diameter is 64mm, and inner diameter is 36mm.

Acupressure rings with elastic design, it can fit most people, very practical and convenient to use. What's more, it can relieve from pain/stiffness in finger joints caused by osteo arthritis.

These finger rings are lightweight, very easy to carry and use. Perfect gift for your kid, family or friends who suffers with arthritis or works with computers daily.