10 x Fridge Drawer Cupboard Cabinet Door Safety Locks for Child/Baby/Dog/cat, with Adhesive

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Prevent from children opening drawers, microwave, refrigerator, toilet seats, windows, etc.
avoid causing injury, damage, or eliminating dangerous elements ingested, causing unnecessary damage.
* If your dog or cat is as naughty as a small child, then our product is also very necessary for you.

1. high quality Children security Lock , made of ABS plastic and PE, non-toxic.
2. Unique rotating buckle design. it is difficult for children to open, but easy for adults.
3. Easy to install and remove without damaging surfaces.

Material: ABS + PE + resin adhesive
Length : 9.5 cm.
Weight: about 13 g \ pcs

*** Warning:
This is not a toy.
Please stop using it if it is damage.
This product can not take place of adults to take care of children.

Package includes:
10 x children security locks with adhesive