240 x Googly eyes with lashes + 200 x googly eyes without eyelashes, 10mm self adhesive wobbly eyes

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Material: plastic. Diameter: 1 cm=10 mm. These are mixed colours self adhesive wiggle eyes for toys: white, pink, blue, green, red, purple, yellow.

Easy to use: They're all coming with sticker on the back, so you don't need glue, just peel off the sticker on the back and stick the eye on the toys or anything you like.

These self adhesive wiggly eyes will bring life to anything you stick them to, make a bit of joy to everyone around you and have a laugh.

A set of coloured wiggly eyes with/without eyelashes, ideal for handmade toy doll decorative accessories and kids arts and craft work.

Package contains total:
2 boxes of self adhesive googly eyes, one box has about 200 pieces 10mm googly eyes without lashes, the other box has about 240 pieces 10mm googly eyes with eyelashes.