3 Colour White Beige Black Extra Large Size XL Elastic Strapless lace Bandeau Bra Tube top for Women

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Quantity: 3 x elastic strapless lace bandeau tops in 3 colours: black, white, beige. Material: nylon. Length: 20 cm, bust: 92 cm ~ 102 cm. Suggested size: 36/80C and around of this size.

This lace bra top is added with a cotton panel in the front to add a bit of cover. Great for low-cut dresses/shirts and you want that bit of extra fabric to make it decent to wear to work.
cotton, spandex

Well made and lightweight lace tube bras that will not any burden to your body, which make you feel easy and breezy in the hot weather.

These lace tube top bras will be helpful if you need a modesty insert when you are wearing a strapless dress / wrap dress, or any cloth that show your bra off.

This strapless tube bras are very comfortable to wear and leave you with a nice shape under strapless tops or see-through tops.

Package contains: 3 x elastic strapless lace bandeau tops