3 Sizes Large Medium Small Reusable ice Bag for Sports Injuries Watertight hot Water Bottle

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Package contains: 3 ice bags of different sizes.

Small - Good for swollen ankle/eyes, or for bruises, or for kids.
Medium- Good for most injuries or pain, such as swollen knee, headache and arthritis.
Large- Good for large injury areas like a shoulder or back.

Diameters of each: large 24cm/9.4", medium 21cm/8.3", small 15cm/6". The opening diameter of each bag is 5 cm. ★ Two ways to fill the ice bag: 1. You fill it with water through the screw cap and put it in the freezer. 2. Directly fill it with ice cubes.

CE & FDA certification. The outside is made of soft cloth, which provides comfort to injured area. And the inside is watertight TPU coating. The seal is leak-proof, there is no leaks as the ice melted over time.

These are well made and durable ice packs for cold / hot therapy. They work well with both ice and hot water. Great for muscle injuries and joints pain, bruises, sprains and strains. A necessary aid for healing.

These ice bags are much better than gel packs/cold packs which have to be fixed, because they can be moved around over the injury adding more relief. And they stay cold much longer. Suitable for sport injury and first aid.