3 x Foldable Hanging Car Mini Garbage Recycle Bin and Auto Trash Bag for Garbage Storage

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Package include : 3 pcs foldable hanging car mini garbage recycle bin

Material: fabric & Metal, Size approx : After folding the diameter of 15.5cm, Height 3.5cm Approx Dimensions - Height: 20cm Diameter: 15cm Weight: 70g Colour: Black

Suitable storage bag/rubbish bin for all types of cars. Portable device for it could be use to hold small bottles of water, hold money and snacks.

You can hook it over any available object in the cab like the back of headrest or gear stick, it doesn't get in the way when driving.

The folding design and light weight make the product collapsed for efficient storage and easy to carry. It could be fixed in car since it has the bottom velcro. can easily fold it down and move it to another vehicle.