4 x Gas Hydraulic strut Stay Lift Hinge Piston arm Damper 120N for Heavy Flap Door

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[ Force ]: 120N (each strut), load-bearing: 12kg (each strut), if you use two struts at the same time, the load-bearing will be 24kg. Note: Make sure your door weight is similar to this strut force. If the door is too light, the door will not be closed.

[ Function ]: This door damper can be a lift assist, which keep a heavy door/lid open slowly without problems. Whilst, it can work as a shock absorber, allowing the lid to be easily and slowly closed to prevent the lid from slamming shut. In addtion, they keep the operation quiet.

Sturdy pressure soft close hinge for large wood toybox with very heavy lid. Effective in lifting heavy duty furniture flap door, flip up door and panel which is long and heavy.

Perfect gas lift strut to replace faulty gas piston arm stays of kitchen unit, top hinged kitchen cupboard door, cabinet door, storage chest lid, and other wall unit with large flap door.

Package included: 4 pcs 120N soft close damper struts with screws for slowly opening/closing heavy duty flap door and storage box lid. Opening angles: 75, 90 or 110 degrees. The hydraulic arm length 27.7cm. Thickness: 1.5 cm.