AC Power Cord 10A 250V For Laptop Chargers Scanners Printers And LED TV Monitors

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  • Cable: H03VVF; Cable length: 1.5 m; Max Input Current: 10A; Number of cable cores: 3;
  • UK mains plug to C5 Cloverleaf 3-Prong adapter power cable for laptop hp, dell asus, acer, lenovo, toshiba, samsung, sony notebook etc;
  • 10A power leads 250V, 13A Fuse, 1.5 meters long, approved by BS 1363/A certificates;
  • Suitable for a wide range device, such as desktop PC, scanners, printers, LED TV monitors, projectors, active speakers, laser printers, Sony PlayStation 3 PS3, mobile cable, and 3-pin shield power connector etc;
  • Guarantee: CE and FCC certificate acquired, 30 Days Money Back, 12 Months product warranty.