Hand Held Tally 4 Digits Mechanical Palm Manual Clicker Counter with Metal Loop, Silver

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It is high quality manual metal mechanical counter, with sturdy structure, metal shell and metal button. Its performance is reliable and it has a long service life.

It can accurately count up to 9999 by clicking the silver button. The numbers are easy to read, and easy to reset to zero by rotating the knob. Easy and practical to use.

It's light and compact, with round shape, suitable to hold in the palm of your hand for counting, and it is easy to carry, just takes a bit of space in your pockets or bags.

The metal loop on the top is a design for convenient use. When you hold it, you can hang it on your index finger, and press the tally button with your thumb. Very handy to use in the palm of your hand.

It's widely used for counting a variety of data statistics, such as the number of people attending, traffic flow, number of aircraft, laboratory analysis count, goods inventory, sports scores etc.

Size of one piece: approx 4.7cm x 4.7cm x 2.7cm(L x W x H)
Weight of one piece: 44g

Package includes:
4 x manual metal mechanical counter