Helping Hands Magnifier with Crocodile Clip + 8X Magnifying Glass Lens Third Hand for Soldering

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JZK Third hand for soldering & jewellery making, helping hands magnifier with crocodile clip + 8x magnifying glass lens + heavy cast iron base for stability.

This heavy duty helping hands is the modellers and general hobbyists third hand. It enables the user to hold the work piece at whatever angle is required, thanks to its fully adjustable joints and strong crocodile clips. To assist with the delicate work it comes complete with a 60mm diameter magnifying glass.

* This third hand is extremely useful when working with small electronic devices or small items such as jewelry or electronic components, etc.

* This kit has a magnifying lens which has 60 mm diameter and 8x magnification,
it is mounted on a chrome spiral flexible arm (rotated 360 °).

* Heavy cast iron base for stability.

* The alligator clips can be moved through a wide range of devices and accommodate different sizes; they can also be rotated and fixed at various angles, they are mounted to a rotating arm.
* It is not just being able to look at them through a magnifying glass, but also take the items securely in place by two alligator clips leaving both hands free to carry out any necessary work.

Magnifier diameter: 60 mm
Material: iron , chrome plated
Height: about 16 cm
Width: about 15 cm
Weight: 293 cm

Package contains:
1 x Helping hand with magnifying glass