High quality microphone pop filter shield screen 360 swivel

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ZK High quality professional 360° swivel microphone pop filter stand, pop shield, anti-pop screen. ★ Ideal for any amateur or professional radio broadcasting studio, voice over services & audio recording studios and TV stations, etc.
Universal: Fit any standard microphone, no matter Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti, Rode, Samson, Logitech, BTSKY, etc. Because it is not used to attach directly on the microphone, it is used to grip on the edge of a table or clamp it onto a microphone boom stand, then bend it towards the microphone.
It's reasonably 360° flexible and very easy to use, comes with a secure grip which is used to attach it to any desk or table ( thickness up to 34mm) or microphone boom arm / stand .
This pop screen is very sturdy ( double layer nylon ), with a 360° flexible frame. ★ The large screen can eliminate all the clicks and pops that had previously plagued your recordings.
The arm is flexible too, which has plenty of movement and angle positioning, allowing 360° swiveled .
Package included:
1 x pop filter
no microphone includes.