JZK 10A 12V - 40V DC motor speed controller regulator, stepless speed control switch, PWM DC motor governor module for pump fan

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EAN: 6920484245497
  • Can control motor speed to change from 10% to 100%. Very easy to install, can be used on many projects, perfect for the speed control of fans and pumps.
  • Product specifications: Operating Voltage: DC 12V-40V (24V workable). Current Rating: 8A. Maximum current: 10A. Size: 60*55*28mm.
  • This stepless motor speed controller is equipped with a 10A fuse tube to protect controller from being burnt due to a short circuit.
  • It also has reverse connection protection and voltage overvoltage protection function.
  • This DC motor speed regulator has high efficiency, large torsion, low heat and high stable performance.