JZK 20 X Stainless Steel 3 inch Sewing Clips Quilting Clips Hemming Clips for Measuring, Taking up hems and Holding Fabric in Place, with Fabric Marking Pen

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EAN: 6920484245749
  • Can measure hems up to 3 inches wide. Great replacement for traditional sewing pins. Ideal for hemming clothes, curtains, quilt, and more, super great for heavy fabrics.
  • They are brilliant and simple hem tool to guarantee getting a perfectly straight line hem. Very useful clips for hemming especially with wide seams, hold fabric quite firmly.
  • These stainless steel hem clips are efficient time saver for hemming line, as they measure and hold the hem in place at the same time.
  • Handy measuring clips for getting accurate measurement for hems. They also very effective in holding material in place while sewing or ironing.
  • Package contains: 20 X stainless steel 3 inch hemming clips set + 1 X water vanishing fabric marking pen. The pen ink will disappear when the fabric is wet.