JZK 6 PCS 100x80cm 80x60cm 70x50cm jumbo large size medium small vacuum storage bags for duvets pillows clothes, space saver bags with pump

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EAN: 6920484246128
  • Set of vacuum storage bags with pump, including 2 PCS 100x80cm jumbo bags + 2 PCS 80x60cm medium bags + 2 PCS 70x50cm small bags + 1 PCS travel hand pump.
  • They are so easy to use. At home, for saving time, you can use your own vacuum cleaner to compress the bags. For travel, the supplied manual pump is very portable.
  • Perfect for storing seasonal clothing, bedding and other bulk items, such as duvets, quilts, blankets, pillows, cushions, down jackets, winter coats, sweater, towels, and more.
  • The ultra-strong double seal zips and seal valve can stop air from backing in. These bags keep your items dry, moth proof, mould and insect free, and they are reusable bags if looked after properly.
  • These space saving storage bags have 3 different sizes -- jumbo, medium size and small size. The jumbo bags can store double duvetse, the medium bags are for blankets or down coats, and the small bags are for pillows or holiday clothes.