JZK Set 64 x Colourful Flexible Rubber Key Cap Covers Key identifier Coding Rings to Colour Code Keys

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EAN: 6920484246333
  • A coloured key caps set, including 32 PCS of cap shape key covers, and 32 PCS of ring shape key covers. Multi-colours: red, black, white, orange, yellow, purple, blue, green ...
  • These key identifier caps are made of flexible rubber. They fit most of standard keys, like round end keys, triangle end and hexagonal end keys.
  • ★ They do not fit for modern doors have keys with large square ends.
  • The cap size (before stretching): 17mm x 23mm x 4mm ( length x width x thickness ). The ring size (before stretching): 22mm x 4mm ( diameter x thickness)
  • Use key identification caps to colour code the doors, solved the problem of all those keys getting mixed up.