JZK Set of 2 multifunctional portable T Y skate tools with Allen wrench for skateboard longboard roller skate penny scooter

  • £10.99
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EAN: 6920484245619
  • They have all the standard bits that a skate tool should have. They are very helpful to setup skateboard/penny/longboard/roller skate/scooter.
  • Each size about: 11cm x 10 cm -- it’s small enough to fit in your pocket. With the tool, you can easily adjust the trucks, change the wheels, or tighten the screws and and much more.
  • The T shape tool is essentially the same as the Y shape tool, but the Y tool has a convenient threading tool (the holes in the middle) for fixing the axles of the trucks.
  • Compact skateboard tool kit set for skate maintenance. They are strong enough to not bend or brake when using it on stubborn screws/bolts.
  • Package contains: 1 x T shape skate tool with Allen wrench + 1 x Y shape skate tool with Allen wrench. The Allen wrench is for your kingpin/bushings, wheels and deck screws.