Portable electronic tester pen for diamond crystal agate lade

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Portable electronic diamond tester pen for diamond, sapphire, ruby, crystal, agate, jade, gems multi gemstone precious stones hardness test tool, Diamond Selector II V2

If the number of lights equal or exceed 9, and it beeps, it means the diamond is true.
If the number of lights is 9 and it beeps, it means the sapphire is true.
If the number of lights is 6.5-7, it means the agate is true.
If the number of lights 7-8 , it means the crystal is true.
If the number of lights is 6-7, it means the jade is true.

★ Before Test:
1. Put the battery into the tester.
2. Take off the probe cap.
3. Turn on the switch.
4. Make sure just 1 light light up on the scale.
5. Make sure the " ready lamp" light on.
6. (If you test diamond, you then need to turn on the number of lights corresponding to the indoor temperature and diamond weight. )
7. (If you test other gems, you'd better calibrate the probe before testing, Method: by placing the probe vertically on a piece of glass, then adjusting the light to 5, and then placing the probe on the gemstone to test.)
8. Test is ready.

* No matter what gemstone you are testing, the probe needle and the tested object must be at a 90° angle.
* When testing diamond, your right index finger must keep touching the metal panel on the back of the tester, while you do not touch the panel if you test other gemstones.
* Do Not test any metal.
* Do Not wear glove.

Product size: 16 * 4 * 2.2 cm. weight: 100g.
Power needed: 1x 9V battery (not included).

Package contains: 1x diamond tester + 1x English introduction + 1x black storage case
If you have any problem about the testing, please contact us, we would love to help.