30 ink stamps for kids stamp set self stamper children birthday party

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Package contains: a kids stampers set, including 10 sea animal stamps + 10 Emoji stamps + 10 wild animal stamps, total 30 different patterns (same as product pictures show). Ideal for children party bag filler / kids party favours.

Length 4 cm, width 2.7 cm -- practical size for kids to carry around and play with them without getting bored during the trip. They can be used on the skin (eg. kids hands) and the ink is washable.

Contains 5 ink colours: green, orange, purple, red, blue. They're pre inked stampers, just press them on paper and have fun! ★ Tips: When the stamper becomes dry, you can drop some water to make it wet and reusable.

A lovely set of fun thank you gift for children birthday party / Emoji party / christening party. Add much fun to your party with these assorted plastic stamps. Fun gadget for Christmas stocking filler.

Teacher and parents can use them as classroom or behavior rewards or goodie bag filler for children. These pre inked stamps for kids can be a fun Christmas gift or birthday gift. Good craft toy for small children.